Versus NEXT Fight: RPG v1.79 Mod Request

January 26, 2019
January 26, 2019
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Name: Versus NEXT Fight: RPG

Version: 1.79

Size: 65MB

Versus NEXT Fight: RPG Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

– 1 hit
– God mode

Game Desctiption
Versus NEXT Fight is a turn-based RPG fighting game where you can try yourself in battle using a deck of cards! You choose the character and duke it out with other players online. Take turns combining techniques to plan your next attack or defense!

Get ready for exciting battles and card customizations! Compete with 17 unique characters all with their own techniques, talents and unique fighting styles, plus more than 80 skins. Compete and win to boost your rating and unlock new consumables and techniques to crush your opponents.

Come do some serious damage!


A bit clumsy, but can definitely take a hit!

The more damage she takes, the more deadly her attacks!

She may be fragile, but her swordsmanship is unmatched!

A powerful robot that will stop at nothing in battle!

Movie Fan
Knows the behind-the-scenes secrets to win!

The power of three works when they enter the arena!

Strikes fear in the heart of opponents and crushes with a single blow!

His wild scars prove just how powerful he is!

Clan wars are a competition between two clans. The goal is to defeat your opponent's tower and gain the most clan XP. The winner clan gets a War Box as a reward.

Clan wars are divided into two parts: Preparation and War.

- Clan members put up their heroes for clan defense
- Clan leaders select where they go in the clan tower
- Heroes assigned to tower defense are unavailable for arena battles during clan wars
- The leader sets traps
- Clan tower positions with no heroes assigned are automatically captured by the drone

- Players choose a point in the enemy’s clan tower and attack it
- Only heroes not assigned to clan defense are available to attack
- Tower lines must be defeated one by one
- Each hero has just...