July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020
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Version: 1.1.33

Size: 87MB

ULTRAMAN:BE ULTRA Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

God mod
X100 dmg

Game Desctiption
SINCE1966 ~
Half a century later, the new era of Ultraman is back to you!
The anime "ULTRAMAN" that has been broadcast around the world on Netflix has appeared in a smartphone game!

・ Story mode where you can enjoy that excitement again
Implemented a story mode incorporating QTE (quick time event) *!
That excitement and power in the game again!

・ Create your own dream team!
Create your own dream team of heroes and aliens such as ULTRAMAN, SEVEN, and ACE and set out for battle! !
A powerful special move that is full of individuality is the trump card that reverses the battle one shot!
ULTRAMAN, the strongest hero ever to defeat an enemy!

-Gorgeous character voice!
ULTRAMAN role: Ryohei Kimura
SEVEN role: Takuya Eguchi
ACE role: Megumi Ban
Rena Sayama: Sumire Moroboshi
Equipped with an original voice that can only be heard in the game!

・ Overwhelming quality 3D graphics!
Overwhelming graphics that go one step higher than conventional smartphone 3D action games!
The texture of the cool suit that characterizes the animation "ULTRAMAN" has been reproduced.
High quality 3D graphics will attract more attention!

・ Various contents!
PVE mode for single player, 2 to 2 PVP, and raid with huge world bosses!
Full of fun with various contents!

"ULTRAMAN" came from TV to smartphone!
Not only the characters that appeared in the anime and the original story, but those heroes also gathered as game characters under the full supervision of Tsuburaya Productions!
further! "ULTRAMAN SUIT" of Shimizu sensei original design also appeared!

* QTE (quick time event): An event in which the development changes depending on the result when the player takes an action immediately after an instruction is given on the screen within a certain period of time.
* The images used are images under development. It may be different from the actual...