Trial of Fate v1.0.3 Mod | 1 HIT | God Mode

July 3, 2019
July 13, 2019
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Name: Trial of Fate

Version: 1.0.3

Root: No

OBB: Yes

Size: 28MB

Trial of Fate Mod Functions

  • 1 HIT
  • God Mode

How to install:

For No-Root (Signed APKs):
- Uninstall original game.
- Download and Install modded APK.
- Play :D

For Rooted (UnSigned APKs) click here!

For Game Needed OBB click here!

Game Desctiption
On the wealthy land of Felicia, suddenly, one ominous gate appeared out of nowhere. Later on, the Great one performed the seal of denephris, yet it failed. So, the Great one in order to seal the Ominous gate, once more started a long fierce war, resulting in the distortion of dimensions. One family member of the Great One, Athena,was ordered to guide you and descended on Felicia.

And your existence is to be the Savior. You need to summon the goddesses from different Dimension, fight together to save the world, Trial of fate has begun, celestial or demon it's yours to decide. are you ready?

God Assemble
Lucifer, Michael, Athena and many other God and Goddess Listen to your call, with Japan's famous Voice Actor and gorgeous exclusive skills effect. Heroes of different races and professions gain mutual restraint and restraint, and a variety of formation tactics, ready to respond to different battle Situation.

Trial of Fate
Each Hero has its own Legendary Story, and each time [the trial of fate] will affect the direction of the plot. Decide between the right or wrong, please follow your inner thoughts. Fate is yours to decide.

An epic adventure in a different dimension
Every day, we shuttle between Human, demon, and heavens realm, expelling the devil's forces. As the journey progresses, we will discover the truth of the chaos and fight against various opponents.

God's Arena
Gods witness the fair battle, the strong competition between heroes! Challenge now, To be the true Heroes!

Demon Palace
Greedy monsters have stolen endless treasures, and the demon army has also arbitrarily attacked you, resisting their attacks, and persisting in the last moments, you will be rewarded with massive experience and gold coins.

World Boss War
Create your own guild, summon powerful guild bosses and gather allies to defeat them! There are also world bosses at random, please call your friends to...