Tam Quốc Tốc Chiến v1.0.4 Mod RQ

March 23, 2020
March 23, 2020
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Name: Tam Quốc Tốc Chiến

Version: 1.0.4

Size: 61MB

Tam Quốc Tốc Chiến Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Can you mod this game? thanks bro

Game Desctiption
Tam Quoc Toc Chien - General card game to dodge skills, fight battles, beat fast and fastest HOT in 2020. Give away free VIP 6 and the general "Khuong Duy".


- 3D graphics, shaping characters look cool: Still the familiar Three Kingdoms generals but wearing a completely new 3D appearance, look like, listen to like, fight more and more.

- Looking quite Three Kingdoms but very immersive: Forget the boring turn-based auto battles, Tam Quoc Toc Chien brings a very "immersive action" feeling that allows the player to control the battle posture, control right in the game. Gathering your squad, moving wisely, taking the opportunity, attacking and choosing the target to accumulate damage as you like is the extremely toxic dish that the Three Kingdoms of War.

- Assemble 4 champions, touch as much damage as possible: Each hero has a unique Rage skill, activating this skill when enough in the battle will open the most crazy state of all 4 generals, dealing extreme damage big and have immunity to badass. The damage of this special move depends on the number of hits the player gains, the more you touch the damge screen, the bigger it will be.

- Alliance combined, formed battle zones, recreated the battlefield on a server-wide scale: Breaking the autism trail of the strategy game series, Three Kingdoms of War brings harsh battlefields for the whole server and Inter-server to the players to compete. The guilds in the same server when the enemy disputes the stronghold, when again embarking to ally to fight with opponents from other servers, never boring!
- Diverse squads, make up for deficiencies in battle force: With Three Kingdoms of War, fighting is only part of the victory. With a diverse number of generals, customizing the generals, arbitrarily choosing the skill of Wrath, the flexibility to avoid the white and the ability to use the upper hand, the choices of the players become universal: the...