Sinbad: Great Adventures v1.3.4 Mod RQ

January 15, 2020
January 15, 2020
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Name: Sinbad: Great Adventures

Version: 1.3.4

Size: 60MB

Sinbad: Great Adventures Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

All features if possible

Game Desctiption
A REAL MMORPG Game, An Open World to Explore, The Friendship&Brotherhood to Cherish, A Legend to Pursue, The Fortune Untold
In Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, you could choose the skills and abilities to shape your character, summon Wraiths and send them to encounter different events, collect fantastic pets, craft super gears and equip yourself or even sell them to others and make money! Immerse in fabulous stories and maps, team up with friends to defeat boss, indulge yourself in our all-new battle system including PVP and PVE and uncover the secret of Sinbad and pursue his endless treasure.

Exclusive Battle Experience with Players All Over the World in Multi-Mode Combat, PVP, PVE, GVG, Let's battle to the Top!!!
• Practice and unleash your skills to battle with boss and enemies.
• Rally up with other players to fight side by side in Co-Op multiplayer mode. Enjoy the best MMORPG for Arab.
• Join a Guild and clash against other players in competitive battles. The Battlefields are a PvP mode where teamwork far outweighs individual strength.
• Defeat the Boss with your squad, set your battle command, plan your moves, adjust formations and build up combos to overcome your enemies!

Summon Wraiths To Embrace Great Venture, Unique Wraith System Fresh Your Mind with Suprise
• Wraith could be summoned, yet ain't everyone is lucky enough for it, some rare ones may only have 1 or 2 available in one server.
• Send out your Wraiths to encounter all kinds of adventures. Every adventure will trigger different events and rewards.

Tame Pets and Collect Mounts
• Find and collect lovely pets hidden somewhere on the map, take them with your journey and let them aid you in the battle. Roam beautiful and diverse lands with your exotic pets.
• Train them and learn their skills to grow them stronger. Nourish and care for your animal companions, and let loose their potential with Pet...