SAO UCCW Widgets v1.0 Mod RQ

June 11, 2019
June 11, 2019
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Name: SAO UCCW Widgets

Version: 1.0

Size: 98MB

SAO UCCW Widgets Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

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Game Name: 刀剑神域-黑衣剑士
Game Version:
1. One hit
2. High Damage
3. Infinity HP
Or something

Game Desctiption
A pack of widgets inspired by the hit Japanese anime Sword Art Online (SAO).
Requires UCCW to function

How to Use

1. Install Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) from the Play Store (
2. Install the Sword Art Online UCCW Widgets pack on this page
3. Create a UCCW widget on your homescreen, choose desired dimensions (feel free to experiment!)
4. Select desired SAO widget from the list
***If you do not see the SAO widgets in the list, please restart your device***
5. Open UCCW and turn on "Hotspot Mode" for widget functionality (Menu Button -> Settings -> Lock Widgets)

Changing or removing hotspot (touch) functionality on the widgets

1. Place the widget on your homescreen
2. Turn OFF Hotspot Mode in UCCW
3. Tap on your widget on the homescreen again
4. UCCW will open in edit mode for the selected widget (see 3rd screenshot)
5. Tap on the hotspot you want to change and clear/change the associated action

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Tapping on any widget opens up UCCW!
A: Please ensure Hotspot Mode is turned ON in UCCW (Menu Button -> Settings -> Lock Widgets)

Q: How can I change the text/name on the battery HP bar?
A: UCCW does not yet allow end-users to customize static text elements

Q: The widgets are not translucent like in the anime!
A: This is to accommodate the irregular-shaped HP bar, and for visibility improvements on different backgrounds

This UCCW Widget Pack currently includes the following
* Each widget comes with dark and light variations and has customizable hotspots

- [4x1] HP Battery Bar
- [2x1] Clock
- [2x1] Battery Status (Charging/Discharging)

Work in Progress

- Calendar
- Weather

Special Thanks

[email protected] - For the fabulous SAO Font