OMG Loạn Đấu – Đấu Trường Manga v1.0.3 Mod RQ

April 8, 2020
April 8, 2020
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Name: OMG Loạn Đấu – Đấu Trường Manga

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 85MB

OMG Loạn Đấu – Đấu Trường Manga Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

menu mod
god mod
x10 DMG

omg loạn đấu hack

Game Desctiption
Life is too short for you to play boring games. Experience OMG Rebellion with unique and unique gameplay. Being one, being private, being unique in Vietnam market.

Hero Pick - Legendary Train
The game owns hundreds of heroes from famous series, sure to satisfy comic book devotees. With its own characteristics and characteristics, you are free to change and build your own battlefield at will. Every decision contributes to creating a legend of your own. Pick now and make your hero a legend!

Hundred skills - Million ways to mix
The huge number of skills provided from 10 main skill trees will be a challenge for your limitless creativity. Confidently Mix right for yourself a unique combo. Conquer the enemy with your bravery and intellect.

Offline all day - Still flying to the top
Stay on the top even when you're ... sleeping! Offline mode automatically trains monsters 24/7 born for you. Don't worry plowing the top, get enough sleep to stay healthy and lucid for the great entertainment moments with OMG Rebellion.

Game max comedy - Strategic testing From the way of dialogue, how to move, describe the plot are cleverly arranged to create for you moments of intense entertainment. All the wrong skill arrangements have to pay the price, win the king to lose the slavery, hoe the land, don't dig tomorrow and lots of other jokes waiting for you to experience.

Super unique - Super new - Wait for you to explore.
If you need a game super light, super new, super intellectual, super funny. Then OMG Rebellion - Manga Arena is your most accurate choice.

What are you waiting for, download and experience OMG Loan Duel today.