Ocean Adventure: Pirates Rebellion (OR) v1.0.0 Mod RQ

November 25, 2019
November 25, 2019
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Name: Ocean Adventure: Pirates Rebellion (OR)

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 97MB

Ocean Adventure: Pirates Rebellion (OR) Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Unlimited diamond
Unlimited gold
One hit one kill
Speed 9x
Skill max
Unlock all pirate

pirate ocean adventure hack

Game Desctiption
Ocean Adventure: Pirates Rebellion (OR) - Online Action RPG Game that will make you addicted!
Join the Straw Hat Crew to sail across the Grand Line ocean.
Train your best pirate crew to face evil enemies and defeat Monster Oars. Collect your treasure and be the strongest in the ocean!

> Legendary Pirate
More than 100 pirates are waiting for you, let's collect all your favorite pirates. There are all the famous pirates from leading anime and manga, from the Straw Hats Crew, the 11th Pirate Supernova, to the Baroque team. In addition, you can also collect a collection of famous warship ships from anime and manga.

> Fate System
Complete all your favorite pirates, to activate the fate system that can strengthen your team. And of course, train your pirate crew to become the unbeatable Legendary Pirate King on the Grand Line!

> Daily Dungeon
There are many daily dungeon modes available in Ocean Adventure: Pirates Rebellion (OR), starting with Pirate Training,
Brave Trial, Beast Hunt and many more. The material you get from each dungeon also varies! Let's complete all the daily dungeons and train all of your pirates to become the strongest pirate king.

> Guild System
Invite your friends to join the guild, and fight together. The more crowded the guild gets stronger in Guild War, and can get a lot of prizes.

> Cross Server Battle
There are many types of modes in Cross Server Battle. Starting from the Ocean Trial, Treasure Escort to the Great War.
This is where you prove that your pirate team is the best in the entire server!

> Exciting Events
Lots of interesting events that you can participate in and can get a lot of prizes and rewards that can strengthen your team, from diamonds to your favorite Pirate.

Come on soon, The Monkey and the straw hat crew are waiting for you, and become the King of Pirate King!