Myth of Sword v1.0.7 Mod RQ

July 21, 2019
July 21, 2019
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Name: Myth of Sword

Version: 1.0.7

Size: 82MB

Myth of Sword Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Can you please add a mod to this game ” God mod , One hit kill ,etc..” please

Game Desctiption
Upcoming game with 2.5D artwork! Fantastic design with various challenge game-plays:

1. Clan battle. Battle among different clans for the rich materials and Boss.
2. Cross-server PK. PK across server for rare materials and BOSS! Be the KING!
3. Love system. Find your love here and hold special wedding for her/him. You are not alone anymore.
4. Wing Feature. Fantastic Wings with huge bonus on your combat power.
5. Gorgeous Costume. Various unique and pretty costume for you.
6. Awesome Weapons. Great weapons with huge power during battle and beat boss.
7. Rich event. Lots of event during a day. You can play a full day!
8. Unique home feature. You can share your story and pictures with others!

More new content is under development. Please stay tuned!