Mỹ Nữ Truyện-Bách Hợp Chiến v1.1.3 Mod RQ

February 22, 2021
February 22, 2021
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Name: Mỹ Nữ Truyện-Bách Hợp Chiến

Version: 1.1.3

Size: 44MB

Mỹ Nữ Truyện-Bách Hợp Chiến Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Game mỹ nhân ký cũ

Game Desctiption
My Nu Truyen Mobile - Bach Hop Chien - Game genre 18+ general card combines role-playing element, owns the most unique and unique gameplay in the new Game market 2021
★★★ STORY ★★★
The new game My Nu The story tells about the anecdote of Hoa Ha country, the country is in vogue, and the martial arts are quiet, but behind that prosperity, a force of the Ma Tribe is gradually invaded.
Entering the 18+ My Nu Story game, you will be transformed into Ton Chu, owning a set of blooming "harem", freely controlling soldiers, building a business, unifying Hoa Ha.
With advanced 3D Unity technology, My Nu Truyen will treat Ton Chu with a vivid visual meat party with top-notch, extremely authentic battles.
In addition, the variety and details of the moves will highlight beautiful, realistic, sharp effects to each cell, giving Ton Owner an unforgettable experience.
★★★ FEATURES ★★★
Experience the feeling of "Thi Tam" - Truyen Cong to the American Women to improve intimacy as well as strength for the couple.
Attractive PVP system with Thien Co Cac, Tinh La Battle, Leads Tien Dai, Ancient Ruins, Tinh Su Thap, ...
With a system of nearly 40 My Nhan like flowers like jade, famous in history such as Dieu Boat, Lam Dai Ngoc, Vuong Chieu Quan, Hoa Moc Lan, Ngu Co, ... especially the most prominent is Manh Ba - The person holding the weight In the heart of Hoang Tuyen ... promises to bring a sense of authenticity, standing and sitting still for Ton Chu.
Pole Lac Dien - The place that brings the most feelings of sticky rice to Ton Chu comes from the gentle "Kieu".
Possessing a diverse BOSS system with countless super attractive rewards: Boss of the Snow King, Boss Black Quack, Boss Dual Head, Boss Ma Prize, ...
Alliance guilds together to build a fortune.
A diverse, attractive subsystem that accurately describes the American people of the...