MU: Vượt Thời Đại – Funtap v1.18.09 Mod RQ

January 30, 2021
January 30, 2021
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Name: MU: Vượt Thời Đại - Funtap

Version: 1.18.09

Size: 98MB

MU: Vượt Thời Đại - Funtap Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

– Attack Mod
– No Skill CD
– Move Speed
– Auto Quest

Game Desctiption
Heroes, congratulations on returning to MU continent, the ship back to that mainland is about to depart, let's join this adventure!

——— 「Server opening notice」 ———

MU: Timeless will be officially launched on December 23, 2020, Server Lorencia 001 will open at 10:00 (UTC + 7) am!

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Immerse yourself in the fanciful MU Continent, relive the legendary memories of online games, and freely collect the goddesses and enhance extreme weapons. Log in to receive rewards, easy exchange of goods in the shop. 3 Legendary Classes, 6 professions with a variety of fighting styles, each character has up to 9 sets of equipment, guild building, alliances, joining forces, successfully participating in the war of thousands of suffocating people! All are only in Mu Timeless. This legendary game has been authorized by NPH WEBZEN Korea and will be released by NPH Funtap in Vietnam.
【Fully upgraded graphics】
Extremely sharp 4D model graphics, creating a vivid and realistic MU world, giving a hearty visual party! Graphics surpass the limits of mobile games, which will definitely bring you back to the classic, familiar world of MU, extremely new and classy!

【New job class, break the gender limit】
In addition to the 3 classic occupations of swordsmen, mages and archers, the game also adds new mysterious female characters, a new sex change system and new characters, giving you an engaging experience!

【Free to change jobs, don't worry about locking equipment】
Changeover combinations are no longer locked, and tuple attributes can accumulate, retaining the value. 2-switch shoes, 3-shift armor, 4-shift weapons can all be on your body at the same time! Thousands of gorgeous clothes, you can unleash your fashion design!

【Battlefield of Ten Thousand People at once】...