Name: MU Strongest TH - ลิขสิทธิ์แท้ WEBZEN

Version: 1.0.6

Size: 66MB

MU Strongest TH - ลิขสิทธิ์แท้ WEBZEN Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Can u add mod on MU Strongest on thai?
a lot of player in thailand play this game so much

Game Desctiption
MU Strongest is a genuine MMORPG game from WEBZEN, Korea, the best legendary game that was launched 15 years ago. The best game that has been asked by players for most of the year.
Comes with the most classic game system With beautiful graphics An elegant wing system Ready for you to express yourself. Through various careers Such as
Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator, Dark Elf, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard, Elemental Lord

The return of the devil Quinton and the various memories will come back to the city you've been to, Lorencia, Noria, Davias. The set you used to wear the red dragon costume, legendary dress and guardian dress.
And many spectacular wings Ready for you to come back to have an adventure in the form it is holding today!

Class change system Switching career lines at any time
- Allows you to easily change your career. Without having to waste time playing again For example, if you are a magic elf But want to change to be a fighting elves, easy to do, not having to play many new ones

Classic play system
- MU 2, Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Stadium, Arena
- Exchange trading system That allows you to set the item price Trade freely
- Hunt the boss and hunt for items.
- upgrade system Increase item abilities with Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul and more.

Elegant wing system
- Wing system that will greatly increase the power of your character. With coolness according to professional style
- Mix wings, upgrade wings, increase the ability to be vast. High-level upgrades change the look to be more spectacular.

Fun gameplay
- Real-time Co-Op and PK combat system, fight your enemies anytime, anywhere.
- Together with many bosses Ready to hunt down legendary items
- Announce your great guild By fighting in the Guild Wars

Pet systems, vehicles, vehicles and elves
- There are many vehicles for you to choose from, such as Uniria Dinirant and many new rides.
- Pet system To stay...