MU Đại Thiên Sứ H5 v1.3 Mod RQ

March 1, 2020
March 1, 2020
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Name: MU Đại Thiên Sứ H5

Version: 1.3

Size: 21MB

MU Đại Thiên Sứ H5 Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Auto farm
auto làm nhiệm vụ


Game Desctiption
【Official Korean Webzen copyright, 16 years later the classic returns】
【Perfectly recreated classic play, hangs offline offline easily】
【Extremely compact game, can always play comfortably】

★ Inheriting classics for 16 years, re-venturing in MU
Continue the recollection, recreating familiar maps like Lorencia, Atlans etc! Darkness once again infiltrates the continent of MU, this world is waiting for valiant soldiers to fall!

★ Breaking through the way of playing, creating new characters system
Soldiers, Magicians, classic Archers come back, once again open the "1 transfer", "2 transfer", "3 switch" tests! Break through the old way of playing, a multi-character manipulator!

★ Farm falling monsters, experience fun +15
The rate of dropping pages is UP! Bad luck also has the opportunity to fall equipped with Spirit! Let's experience the exciting pursuit of +15 enhancement!

★ Suspension function saves your time
Busy work, hard work, how to have time to level up? No need to worry! The game has the function of hanging offline, not online can also farm monsters and increase the level!

★ Fast loading accounts for small ram, two freely changing platforms
Very small game, very small capacity, fast loading takes up small ram! Can also play Mobile version and PC version, anywhere, anytime, can play MU comfortably!