Monster Diary v19.1.4 Mod RQ

November 19, 2019
November 19, 2019
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Name: Monster Diary

Version: 19.1.4

Size: 98MB

Monster Diary Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

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Game Desctiption
Monster Diary is a Japanese MMORPG mobile game that should be played lightly. Beautiful cartoon scene An elegant showdown system Story adapted from a fun fantasy story. A collection of the best voice actors of the hottest voice when playing the game, so that players will enter into a fantasy world by themselves. Due to the fierce fighting system Beautiful game pictures And outstanding voice acting When this game is available on the Japanese store Therefore received many praise from players New storyline Legend has it that during the day-to-night Which is the twilight moment Considered a time when the spirit world is near bright. The ghosts and shikigami will sneak into the human world at this time. Myung Jipitak, the capital city will come out Use magic to fight with demons To protect the peace of the world!
Monster diary

เกม Game style】
---- Japanese style game The melodious music ----
Monster Diary invites the hottest voice actors to collaborate on game development. The sound creates images to convince every player. Bring everyone to the fantasy world. While also enjoying the sound of the ear in the game เสียง Scenes of Monster games Diary is very beautiful. When playing the game, players will get to see the beautiful scenery of the ancient capital. Autumn red maple image Cherry blossoms in spring Snow blowing in the winter And many other images that are so beautiful that you can't find many subtitles Let's hurry into the viewing game.

---- World class ranks Compete for the best in the world ----
The arena competition is exciting. This time, Myōji from all over the world will gather to compete in this skill. In the end, who will be able to get the throne? Moreover The world-class battle will be open for battle at the same time. Everyone must use their full strength. In order to win the title of the first in the world Who is the strongest Miaoji in the world?

---- Shikigami followed the instructions Seal...