Lục Đạo Truyền Kỳ v1.2.6.28 Mod | Open Request

January 14, 2019
January 14, 2019
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Name: Lục Đạo Truyền Kỳ


Size: 80MB

Lục Đạo Truyền Kỳ Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

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Game Desctiption
After the war ended, there were two mysterious countries on the land ... So that is the country ....
National Magic of the great power is superiority - 【National Photo
Boundary of the Nation of Rings - 【【【【【
The war between the two countries is constantly fighting
Gradually, Katsuyuki Kaguya has the opportunity to invade
Photo country, the country 2 countries fall into the danger
Photo, Photographers, Photographers, Photographers, Photographers

【Non-Destructive Immortal, Forever Forever Trường
How did the Tao create the Hero?
Legend has it that, in the Sixth, there are three great career combined will become champion!
Fire Photo, melee kill the enemy is invincible!
Excited motion, fast paced mobility, accurate targeting the target!
Photo Cards, clever and flexible use of yin yang master!

【International True Rings Photo Rings 【
Cultivating nurturing same age!
Vuong Ema, Ca Caoc, Xa Vuong Manda, Katsuyu - Snake Souls! Hurry to find the summoned beast you have only at the Sixth Circuit.
How many, how many angels, astrologers in your hands can learn how many skills?
Fighting Forbearance, unceasing martial arts! The most powerful ring ever shown at this battle!

【Romantic Marriage, You Always Live Together 【
Do you want to crush everyday with you online chat?
Do you want a love regardless of gender whether virtual or real life?
Oh, I got married! Happiness is only between the heart and the heart and the beat!
Do you want a traditional wedding dress in Vietnam, or want a wedding style in the West, at the Dao of the United States always meet your requirements, optional couples choose!
Here is a hall full of love, thousands of people witness your wedding, the sweetest part of the world only at the Sixth Messenger!