Long Phụng Đấu (100% săn boss rớt đồ) v1.0.1.3 Mod RQ

April 30, 2021
April 30, 2021
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Name: Long Phụng Đấu (100% săn boss rớt đồ)


Size: 41MB

Long Phụng Đấu (100% săn boss rớt đồ) Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

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Game Desctiption
100% hunting bosses to drop items - Long Tranh Phung Fighting - Training of charisma, upgrading special skills to support combat forces - PK creating career in prison - Super-level Auto system using artificial intelligence - Virtual overwhelming Chemical and makeup on sharp 3D 8K graphics is a corner of what we want to tell you about Long Phung Dau.

1.100% unlocked item drops - Guaranteed 99.89% drop rate when hunting bosses
It can be said that for PC gaming brothers, this feature is not strange, but with Mobile games, this feature is very few games with or dare to have. 100% BOSS equipment to beat sub-monsters, fight monsters on a picnic are not locked, you can freely exchange with players or bring them to the auction market, one more point is if the Mobile games are different from you I lamented because I did not drop items when I beat BOSS, we guarantee that playing Long Phung Duel brothers has 100% chance of dropping high quality genuine items.
2. PK create karma - Cultivate in prison
"Confusion is in the prison" is real in Long Phung Du, guys. The prison PK feature is extremely popular in the market, but not all games dare to do it due to its fierce and competitive nature. At Long Phung Du, we appreciate fair play, promote fairplay fighting, so don't be foolish! Accumulating karma in prison, exposing the calendar in Long Phung Du is not easy!
3. Practice your charisma up to the top - Independent skills, support gameplay
Tien Sung in Long Phung Dau is built as an independent character with its own skill set and the amount of virtualization is not inferior to the character. The companionship of the Fairy of Charism in each battle and each battle will help you to have a strength that seems to be doubled. Along with that are the additional features of War Force such as: Swallowing trash to increase manual percentage, virtualization upgrade, dance ...
4. The auto system uses artificial intelligence - Super auto feature has...