Liệt Hỏa – VNG v1.2.1 Mod RQ

June 17, 2019
June 17, 2019
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Name: Liệt Hỏa - VNG

Version: 1.2.1

Size: 60MB

Liệt Hỏa - VNG Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Dame and DEF

Game Desctiption
Fire VNG is a romantic role-playing role-playing game adapted from the famous fire-fighting novel Like Ca developed by Perfect World and released by VNG.

If the world of martial arts exists in parallel with the real world, then Martyrs - VNG is the door to open the context of open love affair. It is a perfect world Gypsy full of PK fire moments with the battlefield Phong Van, Bang battle, Loi Dai billion martial arts, 3 vs 3 or experience love in martial arts with the scenery of the bride, bathing Stream, poetry, camp fire.

- Hoan My 3D graphics:
With the ultra-sharp Uniti 3D platform on all devices and 720 degree rotation capability, it helps to experience the beautiful virtual world, in addition to the game, there is a massive inventory of exuberance to create looks and customize.

- 5 System of mutual support:
Each denomination has its own knack, but it has a close relationship with each other: If Chien Phong is a true pioneer, Nhu Ca is the best blood buff. Ngan Tuyet has a set of integrity indicators. The Darkness with the summoning field promises to play an important role in PVE matches. Amazing Darkness will be the killer with the unique raid skill set.
Although the 5 factions are different, any choice is correct, because there are no strong factions, no weak factions.

- Special feature Cong Thanh Chien
The biggest playground for the guilds with novelties requires strength, solidarity and tactics to win the Terrible rewards. Is any guild going to unify the Lord to be a true master?

- Marriage & Child
Listed Fire VNG brings the first breakthrough experience for the series of role-playing games on mobile which is the feature of Marriage and Birth, promising to bring romance ...

- Phong Van battlefield:
The main battlefield does not limit the number of PKs, which show PK skills of self and team spirit. The highest glory is only for the strongest.

- Bath springs - for poetry to...