League of Duel v1.0.2 Mod RQ

December 1, 2019
December 1, 2019
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Name: League of Duel

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 95MB

League of Duel Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Instan win
Unlimited coin and gem

Game Desctiption
Welcome to the League of Duel, enjoy the most popular PVP card game on the world!

League of Duel is a mature PVP card game, it brings the official rules, characters and gameplay to players. Easy to learn rules and simple controls for beginners, engrossing and rewarding gameplay for veterans! Duelists from all around the world are gathering here to win The Duel King title!


-Hundreds of Monsters :

Dragon Monster, Fairy Monster, Warrior Monster, different kinds of Monsters are in League of Duel now! Summon your strongest Monster to defeat your opponent!

-Real-time Battle :

Duel with real players from world, or duel with actual friend in the game.

-Build your own Deck :

Various of Decks are available! Dragon deck, Spell-caster deck, Warrior deck, etc. You will find your favourite deck in League of Duel!

-Spell & Trap :

Spell card and Trap card will increase more mechanism and delight of battle, use spell card to summon your strong monster and reverse the situation of the battle!