Land of Angel – Get Started Now! v0.0.0.12 Mod RQ

April 20, 2020
April 20, 2020
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Name: Land of Angel - Get Started Now!


Size: 48MB

Land of Angel - Get Started Now! Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

All features if possible

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Game Desctiption
In this land, players build their own world by various cross-server contests and fights during adventure. Meanwhile, the battle power will be largely promoted thanks to the constant battles!
The heroes guided by God will bear the mission to break through the darkness and chaos and find the light!

------* Game Features*-----

Smart Blow & Delicate Graphs
Adventure in Land of Angel: Chaos Origin, you can experience not only multi-class skills but also the sense of shock and the fine pictures, getting another awesome feelings.

Unbeatable Angel Transformation
Ultimate power of angel has appeared, and you are destined to take over the power and rule the land!
Fight together with the legendary angels and collect their power to be stronger!

Fierce PVP
Abundant PVP & PVE events come with amazing rewards!
Massive cross-server 50V50 conquests are waiting for you!

Romance & Costume
You can shape your character and showcase yourself with fancy costumes.
There are also couple dungeons where couples need kill the Boss to find the wedding ring. Find your true love and explore the land.

God Servant & Pet
Buddy is divided into 3 types: pets, mounts, and god servant
Players can cast god servant skills in the battle.
Mounts are available through quests, making your adventure more colorful.

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