Hậu Duệ Tam Quốc: 3Q Đại Chiến v1.9.5.1901091409.22 Mod Request

January 21, 2019
January 21, 2019
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Name: Hậu Duệ Tam Quốc: 3Q Đại Chiến


Size: 59MB

Hậu Duệ Tam Quốc: 3Q Đại Chiến Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Hậu Duệ Tam Quốc v1.9.5.1901091409.22 MOD MEGA MOD
x20 DMG ( PVE & PVP )
x20 DEF ( PVE & PVP )

Game Desctiption
The Three Kingdoms: The Three Kingdoms is a superhero role-playing game with an eye-catching anime graphic, taking you "through the air" to an enchanted, exotic, ghostly world.
The beginning of the story is about young guy Duong Duy who is a civil servant normal. On a business trip from China back to Vietnam, Duong Duy suddenly encountered a plane crash, crossing to another heterosexual. Here, Duong Duy "reincarnated" in a completely new body, the power of the generals of the Three Kingdoms in the past. Reluctantly not to go to a strange kingdom, hold extraordinary strength, face the evil forces, the monster ferocious ... What will Duong Duy to do to protect themselves, also As escaped from the great war between the two forces: "evil-good" full of chaos? The answer will appear in this irreversible, irrefutable journey of discovery.

[New Strange - Challenging Story]

The first non-title plot game on the market, The Three Kingdoms will take you from challenge to challenge. With difficulty increasing each level, forcing players to concentrate on tasks, hunting items, gold and gems, constantly increasing and strengthening valuable items, evil forces outside.

[Sharp 3D graphics - chibi style]

Three Kingdoms 3D game with anime style graphics, players easily "love game at first sight. Along with the massive character online with thousands of different characters, from costumes, accessories, war armor, wings to the pet system, mounted mounts, all described are carefully treated and feel very "real" on the mobile phone. It contributes to create a lively impression for players when participating in combat.

[Flames of Fire - High Embodiment]

The platform of the mobile MMORPG, players not only familiar with the motifs of the Boss hunting bonuses, but also PK uninterrupted PvP 1: 1, 1: 3 full of aggressive.
System war, server war - dedicated to gamers passionate resistance, be able...