Fire Like The Song v1.1.1 Mod RQ

September 13, 2019
September 13, 2019
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Name: Fire Like The Song

Version: 1.1.1

Size: 42MB

Fire Like The Song Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

High Damage
VIP Unlock

Game Desctiption
เครื่อง Fully equipped FIRE LIKE THE SONG, Battle of the Worlds' mobile game, MMORPG 3D, PC game quality, copyright from China That will take you to travel in the battle with all the flavors and unique game systems Unique face decoration system, unique pets, vehicles and advanced warfare including an AR system that will keep you close to your character like never before!

Interesting system
1. The story and characters, adapted from the original and the famous series
Stories of love and cross-country life According to the original opus Join the journey with luxury and military through the world to find the love that awaits ....

2. Witnessing precious love Strengthen Customize as you wish
There is a form of support for the love system. And marriages that do not have gender restrictions on characters Add child system That is like a witness Prove the eternal love of lovers of war. Which is clearly different from other games You can also customize your child as you like. Both fashion sets, animal rides and various accessories Helps to strengthen the character more

3. War of the Boiling Office Cross the surf into one
Add new cross-surfing war activities Fiercely and more fun than ever Every office contested the battlefield. In addition, the office also has hot springs and fire. Increase the experience for players every day.

4. MAP, the new Dan secret weapon Treasure item
A new map that comes with a new, brutal boss. And more versatility Let you experience the thrill and get many items.

5. Defeat the duel of PVP.
PVP system for players who like challenges And challenge other players Let you have fun with arranging elements to beat the goal. Increasing fierce fighting

6. Strengthen the army with 12 strongest zodiac
The Zodiac system strengthens the character. Arrange the desired and suitable pair of zodiac With unique skills Add strength to the character without limits.

7. Worayut, the...