Era of Legends – Fantasy MMORPG in your mobile v1.0.2 Mod RQ

March 8, 2019
March 8, 2019
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Name: Era of Legends - Fantasy MMORPG in your mobile

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 78MB

Era of Legends - Fantasy MMORPG in your mobile Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

God Mod, Unlimited Money, x10 x100 x1000 Attack, 1 hit, pvp 10x attack

Game Desctiption
Pre-register on the Play Store and get a mighty magic beast on release!
Visit Era of Legends website for more gifts: useful sources - and unique title and mount!
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Fans of the power of epic sword and mystery magic it’s time to say “Wow”! Are you bored of online games with dull chores and boar genocide? Gameplay revolution is coming! Then embark on an epic adventure across the boundless world of the free-to-play mobile MMORPG Era of Legends and become a hero of this wonderful fantasy universe. Discover a captivating story, take on your most refreshing fantasy adventure, and try the unique gameplay features, fight in massive PvP arenas!

Fight hordes of demons and ancient dragons riding a griffin or hack your way through them controlling a massive robot. Collect mystery beasts and send them into battle. Raiding or saving the continent of Eminoor from the forces of Evil alongside your relatives is priceless! Say “Wow!” to the new life and make your story god damn perfect!

Era of Legends combines the best features of mobile gaming and the key qualities of the fantasy MMORPG genre. A vast explorable world filled with thousands of secrets, hundreds of class combinations and magic beasts, daring battles, and fascinating graphics. Make your life calm and wondrous or grab your sword and embrace the path of war! You are free to choose your own way!

Key features:

●Epic PvP battle
Hero! Do you want to become the god of war? Epic online PvP in the massive arenas and battlegrounds. Capture the flag and gain resources or fight with your teammates in 3v3 and 5v5 online battles. Choose your path and become a legend!

●Free exploration
Our fantasy world is so immense it will take time to explore. It is the perfect place to set foot into the unique zones, solve mysteries, hunt for hidden treasure in the Nest of dragons, and make history by yourself and become a legend of the order...