Epic War: Thrones v1.0.6 Mod RQ

May 16, 2021
May 16, 2021
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Name: Epic War: Thrones

Version: 1.0.6

Size: 74MB

Epic War: Thrones Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Free beeds, god mode

Game Desctiption
Epic War: Thrones is a massive multiplayer strategy game by Archosaur Games. Made by Unreal Engine 4, Epic War: Thrones brings PC level experiences to mobile. You can play as a lord to lead troops conquering nameless land. You can combine high-level generals to occupy bases of enemies, upgrade general’s skills, even destroy enemy’s alliance. Only one alliance has chance to occupy the core area and win the highest reputation as the winners!

My lord, whether you are a wise and virtuous leader or a brutal conqueror of the world, all military generals will be obeying you unconditionally, and this could help you to be the dominating figure in our chaotic time. Fight with followers, feel the high freedom strategic layout!

-Game Features-
#Enjoy the Honor of Talented Generals#
Over 500+ military generals follow your commands! Train abundant top military groups. Attack enemy to occupy nameless lands. Each of generals has own exclusive skills, partners and weapons. Unleash unique leadership and strategic thinking on battlefield, enjoy the moment of honor through your military server.

#Territorial Expansionism#
On 4 million square kilometers of seamless game-world, rapidly upgrade achievement and reputation through fierce competition of lands and training of your generals. Show off your capabilities and rank on world channel! Set up your own rules of conquest to this world!

#Ambush or surprise? Make the best of your wisdom#
Use multiple strategies to rule the world! Set up ambush ahead of time or pretend to be invisible creatures, using exclusive tactics to attack your hostile army. Disrupts their layout soundlessly. A real weather system is set up in the game, you can take advantage of changes in environment to unleash strategies.

#Unpredictable Meet-up Event #
In breathtaking landscape, unpredicted exclusive generals will suddenly appear and pay allegiance to you when you experience unrestricted exploration,...