EOS Red v1.0.26 Mod RQ

September 10, 2019
September 10, 2019
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Name: EOS Red

Version: 1.0.26

Size: 84MB

EOS Red Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Attack x 2 ~ Multi
Defense x2 ~ Multi
Mode menu
Please, thank you

eos red mod

Game Desctiption
▶ Reborn as Mobile [EOS Red] ◀
Inherit the world view of EOS Online! That story 50 years later!
Huge scenario quests across 45 continents and 5 continents

▶ Free economic system everyone wanted ◀
Item Exchange & 1: 1 trading full support!

▶ NO Gacha, Only Drop ◀
Weapons and armor only in the field!

▶ PK system adds tension with item drop ◀
PK available in most fields! Massive battle support in guild units!

▶ Infinite PK, vivid scenes of ruthless duel ◀
As attractive as that risk! "Chaos Dungeon"

▶ Wanted & Revenge system ◀
Provide a system that asks you to revenge on your bounty!

▶ Extreme battle with no end ◀
"Boss Dungeon" with up to 70 players

▶ Who survives to the end ◀
PVE Dungeon "Top of Challenge & Colosseum" where only the strong survive

▶ Faithful implementation of authentic MMORPG ◀
Massive Field Combat "Manor War", and "Siege War"

▶ Don't worry about party members diving ◀
"Reader control system" to control party members directly

※ Homepage: https://www.eos-red.com
※ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdi-Wsj17oIghnQ86ymslWQ