Dynasty Legends (Global) v8.65.102 Mod RQ

May 19, 2020
May 19, 2020
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Name: Dynasty Legends (Global)

Version: 8.65.102

Size: 104MB

Dynasty Legends (Global) Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Mod damage& deff

Game Desctiption
3D ARPG game Dynasty Legends (Global): New version is coming! The 3rd Anniversary Celebration has begun!
Awaken your heroic soul and the power of weapon! The war is spreading, while warriors are higher spirited! More gameplay and events are ready. It’s time to begin a new legend. Come and join the celebration!

[Game Features]
•Classic Musou Gameplay: Crush your enemies with a single touch! Stunning skill effect brings the coolest fighting experience.
•9V9 Team Battle: Real-time massive multi-players online PVP. Invite your friends to fight together.
•Collect & Cultivate: Cultivate and awaken dozens of famous generals. Unleash their real power.
•Exclusive Fashion: Customize your hero. You are not only the strongest, but also the coolest.
•Wings & Divine Weapon: Forge the wings and Divine Weapon, summon the ancient magic power to become stronger.
•Guild Battle: Use various strategies to match the heroes freely. Different matches bring different battles. Fight for the glory of the guild!
•Cross-server Guild War: Lead your guild to fight across the server. Your friends and enemies are all over the world. Who can become the final winner?
•Fair Arena: Adjust and balance the attributes of all officers. And there are some time-limited Free officers for you to experience. A fair test of your real power, show off your fighting skill.
•Mount & Bloodline: Summon and cultivate the mount; purify the mount bloodline to improve the attributes greatly and change its appearance freely. A true hero deserves the best mount!

-3rd Anniversary Celebration-
A lot of celebration events have begun! Choice Roulette, Reunion Kitchen, Dusk Beast Event, Date with Beauty, more gameplay and gifts. Lords, let's celebrate together.

-New City Scene-
Unlock the brand new peach blossome scene. Decorate the city with peach blossome. Experience a different ancient battle world.

-New Hero...