Dragon Raja – Funtap v1.0.117 Mod RQ

September 23, 2020
September 23, 2020
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Name: Dragon Raja - Funtap

Version: 1.0.117

Size: 67MB

Dragon Raja - Funtap Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

All features if possible

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Game Desctiption
- The Most Expected Game Award at Unreal Open Day 2019
- Nominated for the 16th International Mobile Game award (IMGA Global)
Dragon Raja is an open world MMORPG developed based on the world famous machine UE4, with extraordinary role-playing visuals. In the game, you can not only create unique game characters, but also make friends from all over the world to fight and explore together.
This "famous" game has been trusted by Archosaur Games and entrusted to NPH Funtap for release in Vietnam.

Features of the game:
The intersection of the real world and the open world
In the open storyline, you will join different stories, and based on your choices, will receive many sources of power to change the world.
Selfie wherever you are with your favorite character! Party unlimitedly with friends in this magical world!
The interactive system includes an extremely realistic and smooth voice chat system, a super standard text chat system, and allows sharing to real social networks in the game.

Image quality is sharp
Developed on Unreal Engine 4, * game name * is a vast and unique game world with the most beautiful level 3A graphics on all mobile devices.
With the cycle of day and night, from cloudy skies to sunny worlds, you have the freedom to explore this huge, vibrant world!
The cycles of the seasons, the lighting effects, and the realistic shadows will make you feel like you're really living in the world!

In-depth character design
The multi-dimensional character customization system will help you freely design your own character's appearance.
You can also give your character a unique personality through different reactions to the event.
Thousands of fashion styles, trendy images, cute or sexy, ... all of your choice!

Great real-time combat
Real-time combat system, experience unprecedented smoothness created by extremely realistic technology.
Can support up to 100 players at the...