Game Seal of Codex Modded

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Game Play

- It's a free to play ,strategy role-play Side-scrolling game
- Simple and Original gameplay, link and tap skill gem to activate hero's powerful skills
- Via tap and link skill gem, gather Energy to activate crazy FEVER TIME and spam your hero's Ultimate!

Key Features

- 50+ Unique Heroes of orient mystery
- 200+ levels with powerful loots
- Collect, level-up, upgrade, enchant, A.R.M. your heroes and build your own Incredibly strong team
- In Guild system, lead your members to challenge the most dangerous guild dungeons
- 8+ guild facilities to empower you team and collect special rewards
- Play with friends simultaneously in Co-op mode, challenge epic bosses together.
- Special mode: Real time PvP arena, win the rank with supreme glory
- Guild War Event every weekend