Game MU Strongest - VNG Modded

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MU Strongest - VNG is a mobile MMORPG based MMORPG that is copyrighted by Korean producer Webzen, the father of the classic MMORPG MU Online.
Inherit the most epic of the legendary PC MU, coming to MU Strongest version of Supernatural, MU community again (Mutizen) will team up together hunting BOSS, plowing, hunting jade Chaos in Famous places such as: Lorencia, Davias, Atlans ...; Blood Castle, Devil Square ...; along with many other attractive features.

1. Webzen Korea Standard - Recite the classic 15 years
2. Tu Tu System - confession of false pretenses
- Choice of 6 class Dark Knight characters, Magic Gladiator, Dark Elf, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard, Elemental Lord.
- Flexible conversion between the two classes claiming the French, MU dominance
3. Pho Ban Dua - Hunting Boss All Day
- The classic classic familiar: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Stadium ...
- Won the conquest, hunt items and raw materials with features Hunter Hunting Hour and a series of other copies.
4. Wear the animal wing, conquer the enemy
- The image is sparkling, mysterious and the wing system class.
- Unique riding system with the ability to change skin for riding, showing the personality of mutizen.
5. PK 101 vs 101 - Chien lien server
Chaos Castle, Giam Shui Island, Roland Battle 101 vs 101, Dragon Ranger ... dedicated to individuals, guilds, teams to help players PK skills.
- PK all the time, all the maps, easy boss battle, monster fight.
6. Hunting BOSS Auctions - Income Sharing
- Freedom to sell items and materials obtained from killing bosses or completing missions.
- Unique Auction System - where to buy items for hot items.

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