Name: Darkness Rises: Adventure RPG

Bundle ID:

Version: 1.20.0

Jailbreak: Yes

Darkness Rises: Adventure RPG IOS Mod Features

NOTE: This mod only for IOS devices

  • High Damage (x100 DMG turn on it in Menu)
  • High Damage PvP (x100 DMG turn on it in Menu)
  • God Mode (All)
  • No Skill CD (All)
  • Menu Mod

How to install:

For Jailbroken Devices

Game Desctiption
Darkness Rises Is A Revolutionary Action RPG That Blends Gorgeous Graphics, Innovative Gameplay, And Intense Boss Battles, All Within The Palm Of Your Hands.

Darkness Spreads Across The Land, Bringing With It A Horde Of Ferocious Demons Ready To Breach Our Gates. An Epic Fantasy RPG Awaits - The Path Will Be Grueling, But You Must Persevere And Descend Into Hell Itself To Destroy This Evil Before It Ravages Our World.

Legendary Heroes Are At Your Beck And Call, From The Earth-shattering Berserker To The Magic-wielding Wizard. Character Customization Lets You Choose From A Number Of Classes That Fits Your Playstyle And Design Your Character As You See Fit.

Hack And Slash Through Fearsome Monsters With A Flurry Of Powerful Skills. Enter The PvP Arena And Unleash Your Might Against Other Players. This Epic Roleplaying Games Pits You Against Demons And Worse– Can You Rise To The Challenge?

Conquer The Darkness Before It Conquers You. Download Now.

Key Features: