Đào Hoa Kiếm – Dao Hoa Kiem – Kiếm Hiệp Quốc Dân v2.0.3 Mod RQ

November 10, 2019
November 10, 2019
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Name: Đào Hoa Kiếm - Dao Hoa Kiem - Kiếm Hiệp Quốc Dân

Version: 2.0.3

Size: 45MB

Đào Hoa Kiếm - Dao Hoa Kiem - Kiếm Hiệp Quốc Dân Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

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Game Desctiption
"Peach Blossom Sword 2D - Sword Sword Nationwide
Have you ever imagined being lost in the vast swordplay world, playing the role of the great warrior of wandering in the wanderer? It has the romantic nature of a man, the romantic nature of love. Sword peach, flower picking, beautiful farm woman. But it is also not lacking in the fierce nature of endless wars. Server for fighting, a battle of ten thousand people. What is Sword, what is Hiep, how is the Hero? Vo Lam is like a fantasy dream, everything is like a piece of Tieu Ngao.
Dao Hoa Kiem 2D is a Mobile Game with MMORPG standard based on 4 classes of characters: Wudang, Minh Giao, Nhat Nguyet, Thien Son, with a series of extremely unique features:

* Game 2D standard: Background 2D graphics with ultra-light installer is the outstanding advantage of Dao Hoa Kiem when optimizing gameplay, focusing on the most unique features of the classic Sword Sword Warrior series. The simple gameplay, smooth gameplay on all models, the well-invested exterior features and a variety of PK activities will surely satisfy the most demanding gamers.
* Standard plowing system features:
- Auto train monsters drop items, even when the machine is turned off: You will be able to sleep peacefully, no need to worry about plowing the plow hoe overnight, consuming battery power to the phone. Most especially, in addition to a large amount of EXP, you also have the opportunity to receive super delicious items, which makes it easy to race Top.
- Play games to earn money - Pick up unlocked items: Train monsters, hunt golden bosses, inter-server activities, lots of opportunities to help gamers receive unlocked items can be exchanged directly.
* Unique Inter Server feature: 1 vs Server & Server vs Server. There are also a variety of extremely diverse PK activities: Vuong Thanh Hoi Chien, Cong Thanh Chien, Leo Tu La Thap, Tam Gioi Battle Field, Luc Gioi Lien Server, Vu Lien Lien Server,...