Cửu Thiên Mobile – CMN v1.0.4 Mod RQ

January 17, 2020
January 17, 2020
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Name: Cửu Thiên Mobile – CMN

Version: 1.0.4

Size: 56MB

Cửu Thiên Mobile – CMN Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

All features if possible

Game Desctiption
Cuu Thien Mobile - 10 years of Wind Spirit, ten thousand years of plowing
The legendary game web game Cuu Thien Phong Than extremely successful and cult from 2017 has officially launched a mobile version called Cuu Thien Mobile. Cuu Thien mobile - Is a superhero mobile game role-playing MMORPG first theme Feng Than Journey to the West. Where the three kingdoms battle between the two sides Tien - Ma takes place fiercely fierce, players will choose to stand on either side Chinh or Ta to unite the three realms.
** Cuu Thien Mobile - A martial arts hoe game
Direct trading system such as martial arts, unique auctions. No need to load, plow up vip freely find things, buy and sell metal swords. Spend kim nguyen bao on Vip unlimited Hardworking business, getting rich is not difficult. Everyday gifts are many, log in to receive gifts of throttle
** Cuu Thien Mobile - 4 faction of 120 skills overwhelming all enemies
The game introduces players to 4 character classes: Linh Cung, Ba Dao, Song Hoan and Yeu Phap, each character class has its strengths, weaknesses and fighting style. In that Spirit Palace is a class of ranged characters, capable of dealing good damage; Ba Đao is more defensive; Song Hoan has the ability to deal large area of ​​damage while Loving Dharma is a magic discipline capable of long range and wide area damage.
** Cuu Thien Mobile - 2.5D graphics are very beautiful, like a fairy scene
The highlight of Nine Thien Phong Than Mobile comes from 2.5D graphics, which both creates a familiar feel and helps the character to be shown clearly with vivid, bold martial arts moves.
** Cuu Thien Mobile - PK, fighting non-stop
Boss hunting Contact Server, allowing top servers to join Boss hunting together. It is worth noting that when hunting Boss, gamers can switch to PK mode to kill other players, monopolizing the Boss as their own. In addition, PvP inter-server activities in the game are...