(CBT)으라차차 돌격 라그나로크 v0.0.6 Mod RQ

August 21, 2019
August 21, 2019
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Name: (CBT)으라차차 돌격 라그나로크

Version: 0.0.6

Size: 28MB

(CBT)으라차차 돌격 라그나로크 Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

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Game Desctiption
Eulachacha charge Ragnarok CBT!

CBT period: From 18:00 August 19, 2019 to 23:59 August 25

After the beta test ends, the game will stop working and all game data will be reset.

※ Eulachacha charge Ragnarok advance reservation in progress

Again, Ragnarok
Ragnarok Assault euracha car, you can enjoy the PC / MOBILE anywhere Ragnarok

▣ Game Introduction ▣
■ Refined and sophisticated remake art!
The background, characters and monsters of the original Ragnarok Online have been remade and reborn!
New visual effects! Delicate and sophisticated high definition screen!

■ Let's adventure vast Ragnarok world!
Feel free to open the vast world!
Expand the confrontation between users in the field, neukkija the intense fun!

■ new way of playing! Cultivate 5 characters at once!
Fun to nurture your own five affectionate characters! Unique career combination!
Choose your job freely, freely distribute skills and stats and change your job!
Now, let's make a unique party with your own combination!

■ Rag is still fun to decorate! More than 100 different styles!
Additional property battles in a variety of unique original appearance, including the head and wings, as well as decorative items!
Let's complete your own cool character!

■ can not be cooler than this! Desire to collect, stimulating rides, pets, Homunculus!
Nice and cute looks and homuncules! As well as additional combat attributes
Feel the fun to collect and nurture at the same time!

■ A variety of content that can not take your eyes off
Various PVP and PVE systems as well as field bosses! Enjoy endless content!
Watermelon Watermelon Frost & cultivation, such as palpitations play together and play a variety of social and Friends ~

■ Another fun to enjoy rag! Free exchange system
Flower of MMORPG! Free to trade...