AuditionX v11700 Mod RQ

August 25, 2020
August 25, 2020
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Name: AuditionX

Version: 11700

Size: 43MB

AuditionX Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

All features if possible

Game Desctiption
"If you're playing Au on your computer, Audition X is a game you have to play!
If you are playing Au on your phone, then Audition X is a game you have to try!
If you've never played Au before, don't read on, click Download Audition X now!

Audition X - Music and fashion game, helps you get excited in every moment.
Produced in Seoul Korea, Audition X has the most quintessential of the world's leading music and dance.

Not only do you listen to music with your ears, you will feel the music with every touch.
- AuditionX is the only game where you get uplifted when you hit the right beat!
- The best trendy songs are selected from thousands of songs, helping you always be updated with the best songs.
- US UK, KPop, Viet mix music, all in Audition X

Project Director Audition X is a professional DJ so:
- Audition X has a lot of good, interesting music that no other game has.
- You will be constantly listening to exclusive remixes, nonstop for Audition X.

The best and most attractive dance moves of Korea are in Audition X.
- Soft as real people, looking at is like fascination.
- Just play and sit still, because you just want to stand up and dance.

- Thousands of unique costumes and accessories help you express yourself freely.
- No 2 characters dress the same in Audition X, because there are so many different ways to mix clothes.
- Be confident in your personality, and let the community admire you in the game.

- Unique pairing feature, helps you find that person, beat the music together.
- Titus together perform daily tasks, so that you and the bear more durable.

What are you waiting for, enjoy the best music, flying choreography, dress up, pair up right in Audition X!
Danceed Au, must play Audition X! "