360mobi Ngôi Sao Bộ Lạc – Nện Nện Nện v1.0.242 Mod RQ

November 3, 2019
November 3, 2019
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Name: 360mobi Ngôi Sao Bộ Lạc - Nện Nện Nện

Version: 1.0.242

Size: 96MB

360mobi Ngôi Sao Bộ Lạc - Nện Nện Nện Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

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Game Desctiption
Just need 1 minute to install, you will immediately enter the NORTH tribe where you can delight in each other all day without worrying about leaving the consequences.

360mobi Tribal Star is a game of super weird, super-muddy game, first appeared in Vietnam, the game is extremely new, ensuring to bring you the most elusive pleasure.

You don't know how to play? Don't worry, just follow these 4 steps:
- Step 1: Eat! The more you eat, the better the Mushroom Spirit.
- Step 2: Clash with that NEXT, see whoever says it.
- Step 3: Run! Throw! Hide! Combining many skills, coordinating many strange poses such as throwing a hammer, throwing bombs, somersaults ... helps you eliminate many opponents.
- Step 4: Throw! ! ! Call on your teammates to play together and get to the top. Become the team with the highest score, become the Demon King !!!

- Simple operation, easy to get used to.
- Match 3v3v3: 9 people - 6 minutes - 3 sides - 1 match won.
- Experience every sure match: random skills, random pages, random positions.

Important memo: similar to MOBA games, at the 360mobi Tribal Star, the winning team is not the strongest team, but the team with the most muddy gameplay, the winning decision skill!

Download now 360mobi Tribal Star game to join your adventure team in this fascinating and fascinating world!

You can find each other at:
- Website: http://bolac.360mobi.vn