Name: 아르카나 택틱스

Version: 1.0.19

Root: No


Size: 32MB

아르카나 택틱스 Mod Functions

  • Dmg Multi (1-1000)
  • Def Multi (1-1000)
  • 1 HIT
  • God Mode
  • Menu Mod


  • If you using Android 6 and up you must grant “Storage” permission before open game and Allow “Display over other apps” for show Mod Menu.
  • Watch the video tutorial here: How to Grant Permission <- click here


How to install:

For No-Root (Signed APKs):
- Uninstall original game.
- Download and Install modded APK.
- Play :D

For Rooted (UnSigned APKs) click here!

For Game Needed OBB click here!

Game Desctiption
◆ game introduction ◆

[Number of cases of infinite character combinations]
▶ Evolve your character according to the combination formula in strategic judgment!
▶ When the desired material does not come out, strategically purchase the material of the pop-up shop to proceed with the game!
▶ It is key point to evolve considering the synergy between characters!
▶ Clear the quest to get more rewards!

[More than 100 taste sniper characters]
▶ Moyamoya ~ Tell me the true story?
Classy illustrations for summoners of domestic top-class sailors!
Cute and cute SD characters gorgeous combat action bonus!
Who are your summoner's favorite heroes ?!

[Character Growth System]
▶ Grow your own ball for each character for the perfect battle for your summoner!
▶ Challenge the highest star with character level-up & awakening!
▶ Equip 6 runes for each hero and see which heroes become more powerful with the set effect!

[80 kinds of arcana card illustrations]
▶ High quality card illustrations to confuse the genre!
▶ Build your summoner's party more powerfully by using the Arcana effect with various abilities!

[A variety of immersive content]
▶ Story Dungeon: Grow steady in a fun and immersive story dungeon!
▶ Duel: Strategize your opponents with a strategic party!
▶ Abyss Dungeon: Battle against powerful monsters! Clear monsters with strategic deck construction!
▶ Day of the week Dungeon: Get a lot of rewards every day!
▶ Expedition: Exciting Expedition! Clear random events and earn rewards!

◆ official community ◆
Official Cafe:
Contact the developer: [email protected]

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