Name: メガミラクルフォース 【メガミラ】-コンパイルハートの人気キャラが集結するSRPG大作-

Version: 1.2.10

Size: 92MB

メガミラクルフォース 【メガミラ】-コンパイルハートの人気キャラが集結するSRPG大作- Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

God Mode

Game Desctiption
◆ Idea Factory Group 25th Anniversary Project!
◆ The first anniversary of the release on January 31, 2020! Thank you for your patronage!

Game introduction
◆ A dream crossover title in which many successive titles participated

In addition to characters from the popular game titles of Compiled Heart, such as the Neptune series, the Marginal Convex series, and Fairy Fencer F, familiar characters from Idea Factory's Spectral Force and Generation of Chaos are available. Many appeared!

◆ "Mega Miracle" characters that combine characters from different works are now available!

Familiar "Neptune" with "Neptune series" and "Hilo" of "Spectral Force" fuse, and original character "Hirotune" bombs!
In addition to "Hiro Thune", various "Mega Miracle" characters appear!
* Mega Miracle character is an event reward.

◆ Easy but deep! Strategic simulation RPG

Battles on a map of 7 x 5 squares consist of a party of up to 5 people each, enemies and allies, and execute commands such as movement and attack.
It is possible to use various attack types such as short range attack, long range attack, penetration attack, knockback, etc. Each character has a parameter of "quickness", and the action order is determined in descending order.
Each character has "skills" and can activate skills at any time.
《Skill example》
Damage / Attack / Defense UP / Attack / Defense DOWN / Health Recovery / Special Condition (Counter / Absorption / Poison / Mobility etc ...)
It is also possible to overturn the battlefield with a variety of skills! ?

◆ Each title illustration comes as equipment "link card"

The form of memory embodied by the mysterious power dwelling in the hero-"Link Card". Each character can raise their stats by...