Blade X Lord ブレイドエクスロード v1.7.2 Mod | 1 HIT | God Mode

October 25, 2019
April 13, 2020
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Name: ブレイドエクスロード

Version: 1.7.2

Root: No


Size: 65MB

ブレイドエクスロード Mod Functions

  • Dmg Multi (1-1000)
  • Def Multi (1-1000)
  • 1 HIT
  • God Mode
  • Menu Mod


  • If you using Android 6 and up you must grant “Storage” permission before open game and Allow “Display over other apps” for show Mod Menu.
  • Watch the video tutorial here: How to Grant Permission <- click here


How to install:

For No-Root (Signed APKs):
- Uninstall original game.
- Download and Install modded APK.
- Play :D

For Rooted (UnSigned APKs) click here!

For Game Needed OBB click here!

Game Desctiption
The story of bonds led by a sword
 "Blade Xroad"
A new fantasy giant will be launched.

■ Game Overview
・ A new RPG directed by Hisatari Hisatoshi who worked on numerous masterpiece smartphone RPGs such as Brefro and FFBE
・ Overwhelming scenario volume and high graphic 3D cinema
・ New sense 3D real-time command battle with exhilaration and strategy
-Full cooperation with Aoni Production! Characters by gorgeous voice actors appear.


Hisatoshi Hayate
Representative work: Brave Frontier
: Final Fantasy Brave Exvias

Akira Takeda
Representative work: Legend of The Cryptids

Yukio Nakatani
Representative work: Final Fantasy Samurai Series
:Chrono Trigger

Representative work: Star Ocean 4 -THE LAST HOPE-


Ryohei Arai / Umeka Shoji / Hitomi Owada / Yohei Aza
Hiroshi Kamiya / Miyuki Sawajo / Manga Ginga / Masako Nozawa

Kenji Akabane / Unsho Ishizuka / Kanae Ito / Toru Inada
Masato Ohba / Ryotaro Okia / Daisuke Kishio / Tomomi Sato
Masaharu Sato / Hidekatsu Shibata / Nobunaga Shimazaki / Toshi Shimada / Ryo Hirohashi
/ Yukiyo Fujii / Hikaru Midorikawa / Misaki Wada and more ...

Check the official Twitter for the latest information.
Official Twitter: (@bladexlord)

■ Minimum operation guarantee terminal
Target OS: Android 5.0 or later
Target RAM: Smartphones and tablet devices with 2.0 GB or more
* Some models may not work with the target version or higher.